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Frequently asked Questions

Here you wil find answers to frequently asked questions. We hope that this will be of help to you to find your way through our website.

? Is it possible to register as a private Person?
>Yes, this is possible. However, please note that in such a case, the field COMPANY must also be filled out with your name. Please fill in your complete data correctly because any future invoicing will be done using this data!
? Is it possible to register with a free mail address?
>Unfortunately, with a free-of-charge mail address such as, or, this will not be possible. You can ony register with a valid mail address either from your internet provider or your company.
? Why can't I login immediately?
>After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation mail right away, providing you with further directions regarding your registration. This is to make sure that we have received your correct mail address and that your anti-spam software isn't for some reason blocking our emails to you (you may have to change the security settings of your email account in order to avoid this from happening). On the other hand, we can make sure this way that you can only register and login by using this email address.
? Is it possible to inspect the machines?
>Yes, once you click on the name of a position's auction, you will receive all relevant information how this can be done. Normally, we will organize at least one inspection day per auction. This way, we can make sure that you can take a look at the machines before the auction begins.
? How do I get my sales confirmation?
>After all positions of an auctions have been closed, we are going to proceed with the formalities of the auction. You will then receive an email containing all necessary information. Also, if you check your profile at MY KRÜCKELS, you will find here all positions for which you have won auctions.
? How to pay.
>After the auction has been finished, we expect your money transfer within 48 hours...
? Collection of your goods.
>Each position of an auction provides you with information regarding the location of the machine and the collection data. Normally, we shall set several days when you can collect the goods. Upon confirmation of your payment, you will receive the original invoice document and you will then be taken to your merchandise.
? Is it possible to collect the goods later on, or to have them delivered to my premises?
>Usually, the goods have to be collected at fixed days because each auction needs to be finished in an efficient and quick manner, as the factories where the items are located need to be cleared out as quickly as possible.
However, you are welcome to use our additional services: We shall then see to to it that your goods are being delivered to you under special delivery terms which will be shown to you once you have started to watch an auction.

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