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How it works
You have found a machine that is of interest to you and you now wish to take part in its auction? This is where we explain to you how to do it:

At first, you have to ..: register :.. yourself. With this registration, you will also agree to receiving information by email about interesting offers of new machines and auctions.

Are you looking for a particular machine? In this case please browse the different categories. Once your search has been successful, you are welcome to join the auction. Just click on the machine that is of interest to you and you can participate in its auction. This is how it goes:

Fill in the designated field by stating the price which you are willing to pay for the machine. If this field already shows a value, then a bid on this machine has already been made by another bidder. In this case, the bid will be automatically raised by a certain amount. This amount varies according to the price of the machine (see auction step-by-step).

If you are the final and highest bidder at the end of the auction, yours will be the winning bid. You then have to pay the amount of your winning bid, plus the auction-fee, plus you may have to add the German VAT. This VAT will of course be refunded to you when you give us an export certificate.

Keyword “Max. bid”:
Another alternative is to place a “max. bid” – with this amount you indicate how high you are willing to go with your bids for this machine. You bids for the machine will start with a lower bid and once this bid has been surpassed by another bidder, you will automatically continue bidding on the machine, up to the maximum amount you have fixed at the beginning of the auction.

Keyword “Min. price”:
Some machines will show a minimum selling price which must be reached during the time of the auction. The auction takes place under the reservation that this minimum price must be reached. If at the end of the auction the bids have not reached this min. price, the winning bid will be awarded under the reservation that within 3 days from the time the auction has ended, the seller reserves the right to decide whether he will sell the machine at this lower price or not.

Keyword “Extra services”:
For each machine, we are offering certain additional services to our customers by calculating for them the costs for the dismantling and transport of the machine(s) of interest. With this information the customer will get an estimated CFR-price on the machine(s) he wishes to bid for at the auction. You will then be able to decide whether you want to accept this CFR-price and have us, the company Josef Krückels Textilmaschinen GmbH, do the export procedures for you, or whether you wish to take delivery of the machine(s) on your own. If you decide to have us do the export procedures for you, you will not have to make an advance payment on the German VAT.

Keyword “Payment”:
As soon as you have become the winning bidder, you have obligated yourself to pay the accepted bid, plus the auction-fee, plus perhaps the German VAT. You will get a refund of the VAT-payment if you give us an export certificate for the machine(s) you bought.

During the registration, you get to decide whether you wish to pay by T.T. (100%) or by L/C. When paying by L/C you will nevertheless have to make a down-payment of 20% of the purchase price by T.T. once your bid has won the auction. The L/C itself must be opened within 10 days from the time the auction has officially ended and it has to be confirmed by a German bank. If you pay by L/C you will also have to add a further 2% to the purchasing price in order to cover the costs for the L/C.

Keyword “Collection of machine(s)”:
As mentioned above, you can either have the collection and delivery handled by us, or you collect the machine(s) yourself, within a to be determined time period from the end of the auction. Collection of the machine(s) can only take place either after 100% of payment has been made or once the L/C has been opened and received in correct form

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