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Bidding Basics
The following rules apply for our online-auctions:

Lowest price was reached
Normally, the highest bidder will win the auction. In such a case, there will regularly appear a mark that says "minimum bid reached" with the position. If instead the mark says"minimum bid not reached" this will tell you that your latest bid has not yet reached the intended minimum price.

Exceptions are those positions which are being auctioned under reservation The auctioneer will then be informed of the highest bid for his consent. Within two days from the end oft he auction, the highest bidder will be informed whether the auctioneer has agreed to this price.

Items without bid
If a position's auction ends without a bid having been placed, normally its deadline will be postponed to a later date. This gives those bidders a chance to participate who entered the auction at a later date.

automatic maximum bid
There are two different types of bids.
With the static bid you are placing a bid for a fixed and already given amount. With the automatic maximum bid you can lodge a maximum price. The system will then automatically and step-by-step raise your bid as soon as you were outbid by another participant.
This will continue until your maximum bid has been reached.
It is impossible to delete a once given bid – neither a static nor an automatic maximum bid.

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