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  • Doubble Folding Machine 92996

    DEMSAN, type TSA 2/4, yoc 2004, max working width 360cm, singel folding to 180cm or doubble folding to 90cm

  • Folding and Rolling Machine with Inspection 7000

    GOETZ, working width 2.100 mm, Y.O.M. 19875, for 0-16 m/min., electronically controlled doubling, meter counter
    The machine is also suitable for elastic fabrics

  • Highpile Folding Machine

    Pos.n: 7001

    MENZEL, type MNLH2MV1, yoc 1991, 2000mm working width, lays upto 2000mm high, meter counter, compensator

  • Foulding Machine 92101

    MENSCHNER, RW 33 D, 1984, inlet 3200mm, winding 1500mm

  • Folding Machine 7011

    ETF, yoc 1993, entranc 200cm, exit 100cm, meter counter

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