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  • Transfer Printing Calender 92994/5

    2 x BIZMAK (Tr), type BT1011, yoc 2003 and 2010, width of the felt 350cm

  • Loop Steamer 92390

    SALVADE VPM, ww 2000mm, content 1800mm, yoc 2018, steam consumption 400 to 800kg/h, entry and exit on the same side, overhead heating

  • Color Kitchen 92389 

    CS Automazione, yoc 2015, autom. Color Dosing, 16 colors (Pigment)

  • Digital Printing Machine 92388

    SPG MAGNOLIA, ww 1850mm, yoc 2021, entry for elastic knittware, 36 heads, dryer, electr. heated, Software Inedit RIP,

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