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  • Sectional Warper

    Pos.no: 92392

    KARL MAYER, Eco-O-Matic, 2250mm ww, 2002, drum dia 825mm, warping speed 50-600m/min, beaming speed 150m/min, for warp beams 1000mm flansch dia, waxing device, without creel

  • Sample Warper

    Pos.no: 92391

    KARL MAYER, Rot-O-Matic, ww 2200mm, 1997, 140m length, warping speed1000m/min, beaming speed.30m/min, flansch dia 1000mm dia, waxing devise, the machine was completly reconditioned in 2021


  • Sample Warper

    Pos.no: 92340

    KARL MAYER, ROM 2, yoc 2000, working width 2000mm, creel with 12 bobbins

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