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  • Cylinder Dryer

    Pos no: 7036

    ZELL, yoc 1981, 3 cylinder, 2200mm width, dia 800mm, steamheated upto 148°C, two cylinders are teflon coated

  • Laboratory Stenter 92057

    RAPID, no 441, yoc 1995, max 400mm wide, different frame sizes

  • Complete Yarn Dying Plant HE00

    Totale Capacity of the mill is 3 to 4to per day (2 shifts), 10 THIES yarn dying machines and 3 Dryers, SSM winding machines and laboratory, yoc about 1990 to 2010, each dying machine has 2/3 carriers, for cylindrical/conical cones 6″, dia 180/220mm

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  • 500,00 

    Dry Oven (Incubator) 7028

    BEHR, 40cm x 25cm

  • Dry Oven 7027

    MEMMERT, type UE200, upto 220°C, 40cm x 35cm x 25cm

  • Dry Oven 7026

    MEMMERT, type UM300, upto 220°C, 40cm x 35cm x 25cm

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